Saturday, June 11, 2011

Maid Outfits!!~~~♥

Konichiwa! ^u^ One of the many things that will be on this blog will be my ever expanding wishlists. I just finished one of them and it is my maid outfit wishlist! I'm hoping to be getting one for next school year as one of the presents to myself when I finally reach my goal weight :D yay me anyway here is the list and most of everything can be found at either or :]

Alice in Wonderland one

This one is REALLLLY cute

I really like this one too

I want all of them *O*

This one is adorable

I like the dolly look of this one

Alice in Wonderland 2

Alice in Wonderland 3

Alice in Wonderland 4 Cheshire Cat version :]

I've always wanted this one

This really reminds me of Akihabara for some reason XD

Neko Maid
Neko Maid 2
Neko Maid 3

Lol that was a lot more than what I expected XD I cant wait to start getting them so I can have a super cute maid outfit collection ^u^ Well I'm off to catch up on Tiger and Bunny! hehe I love Kotetsu and Barnaby they're so cute together XD Bye bye ^3^~♥

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